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Classic poem of the day

When all your days are dark with doubt,
And dying hope is at its worst;
When all life's balls are scattered wide,
With not a shot in sight, to left or right,
Don't give it up;
Advance your cue and shut your eyes,
And take the cushion first.

member poem of the day

From where I sit, I can see forever
And I play solitaire until dawn
The days on the calendar have no meaning
And they pass away silently
As does my life
Now that you are gone
I cannot atone for my lack of action
Nor repent for what might have been
The clock mirrors my misery
Each tic, another agony
My loneliness is my only possession
And I draw deeper within
I view the absurdity
Of past events taken anew
Of past requests long overdue
Of past promises remaining unkept
Of a past love I did not accept

And I wonder about it all
But I always wonder alone